Howdy and Cheerio!

This is a cake I made for a friends birthday. It’s hard to tell from the photo, but the frosting was a very pale blue, with pink writing and flowers. I cannot describe neither the look on her face when we cut into it, nor  the sound that she made. I can tell you that I love making cake, not because I like to eat it, but because I like to watch other people enjoy it. That’s the fun part for me.

So when I read All Cakes Considered by Melissa Gray I was hooked. A cake every Monday? What better day for cake? And since Monday nights are usually the most hectic of my week, (I work at a bookstore and getting ready for Tuesday is never quite easy) where I need the most help from my team of associates: what better way to make everyone excited for Monday’s than cake?

Since I started this over two months ago I’ve only missed one Monday due to illness and I’ve only brought in store bought twice. I consider this a feat.

The reading part of my little corner of the internet is just a little something extra because I consider myself a voracious reader, devouring books rather like a certain Monday night regular devours whatever I bring in.


One response to “Howdy and Cheerio!

  1. That looks real yummy….and makes me think of Kermit and his Rainbow Connection!

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